Customer Service is Key

Customer service is vital for a successful business. Companies that provide first-rate customer service are those who make it to the top, expand and last the longest. We view the following three companies as three of the best when it comes to top-notch customer service. All three of these companies were also rated in Zogby Analytics’ and MSN’s ‘seventh annual customer service survey’ as the top 10 companies accredited with excellent customer service.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s currently has 400 small stores that have 5% of a typical grocery store’s inventory, but is rated as one of the 10 businesses with outstanding customer service. The reason being is there attention to the customer. Trader Joe’s caters to the community it is located in, and will stock its store according to the communities requests. Trader Joe’s uses a lot of private-label items at unbeatable prices. In addition to their dedication to allergies, acknowledged for putting allergy labels on products before they were required to.


Amazon has been accommodating customers since it first opened in 1995. Amazon is known for exceptional e-customer service that will complete refunds if service is sub-par and no-hassle returns. In addition to Amazon’s option for free-shipping on orders. In 2013, Amazon hired 7,000 new employees and 2,000 of them were hired solely to work in customer service. It is clear that customer service has played a large role in making Amazon the leading online retailer in the world today.

Marriott International

Marriott International’s attention to detail has played a large role in this company’s success. Marriott has a strong emphasis on company culture, which has created a standard for hiring friendly people who genuinely care about their guests. Marriott International is praised for their treatment of returning customers and their amazing loyalty program. Their loyalty program is known as one of the best Hotel Rewards Programs awarded by Us News & World Report’s.

The operational efficiency of these customer service oriented companies has led them to acknowledgment as a top company.


Managing Business Solutions 101

In business, the main focus should be to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships between businesses, manufacturers, and customers. When everyone is satisfied, synergy exists thus creating more efficient business solutions. Business and marketing managers should always find better ways to satisfy their customers in order to stay competitive in the marketplace. The more you understand your customers the better chance you have of retaining customers and growing clientele. You should always analyze client and customer interactions in order to optimize business efforts.

One way of analyzing customer interactions is to keep track of customer accounts. Using a customer relationship management database will ensure that you keep track of each customer. Different systems are used for different types of businesses. There are different call center solutions used to keep track of simple and more complex transactions.. These systems typically use your telephone number to organize your purchase history. For example, a local automobile mechanic shop that you frequent may be able to use a customer relationship management system to find out when you had your last oil change, break job, or etc. This helps because many people forget specific dates, and when your system is already familiar with a certain client, it helps build that relationship between the business and the customer. Systems that keep track of client transactions are able to classify customers based on the amount of business they do with a particular organization. This helps when companies offer rewards to customers based on spending volume. Customers are often organized into different tiers based on spending history.

Cloud computing is an additional resource companies use to gather customer information. The act of cloud computing involves a large number of computers connected to a real time network such as the internet. This is a network based service. When information is saved to a cloud, the information can be accessed from other devices once you log into the cloud system. Many different companies that use telephone systems use cloud based systems to better keep track of customers in real time. Using cloud computing in junction with customer relationship management, business can track and send information on behalf of their customers instantly.

Companies always want to analyze feedback left by customers. Many websites have pages and even offer surveys for customers to leave feedback. With feedback, customers have a way of telling you what they liked or did not like about your service. This information should be used in order to fill in any gaps needed to improve client interactions. Any information regarding customer contact is essential to any company that wishes to stay competitive.

Cheaper, Cleaner, Quieter and More Efficient – Now Natural Gas is Becoming Abundantly Available Too

There is an increasingly interesting debate ongoing between cars that run on gas, and cars that run on “gas”. The first example is the power source everyone is most familiar. Gasoline has power automobiles since the days of the Model T.

However, there is a new gas on the transportation horizon. Natural gas actually equates more with the definition of real gas, than does the petroleum-based liquid you squirt from a hose at your local filling station. To define natural gas, it is cleaner, more efficient, and recently a huge reserve has been discovered within the Continental United States.

Cheaper and More Efficient

There are a number of conflicting reports about how many miles per gallon a natural gas vehicle (NGV) can get over a standard fuel engine. Most qualified data sources insist it is roughly 10 more miles on each gallon. That by itself is a viable reason to use natural gas to power cars, but it doesn’t sway some people who insist that the conversion costs take too long to recoup.

Now, if a person also considers that natural gas falls on average, 50 cents less per gallon than normal gasoline, these two features together present a different argument. Adding both facts together makes, the conversion costs more than just appealing. Both factors collectively allow a natural gas conversion of a motorized vehicle to become profitable in less than 24 months.

Cleaner and Quieter

Engines powered by natural gas have over a 90 percent drop in particle matter emitted. They pollute the air with half as much nitrogen oxide (NOx) as conventional, or diesel powered engines. The biggest and most glaring difference is a 25 percent reduction in the amount of CO2 gases that natural gas cars spew into our air.

Another often-overlooked benefit of natural gas vehicles, relates to noise pollution. NGVs run noticeably quieter than conventional gas engines, and especially less noisy than diesel fueled engines. Natural gas reduces air pollution and noise pollution, presenting a welcome reduction in both problems. Natural gas vehicles are cleaner and quieter.

Abundant and Available

The uncovering of massive natural gas reserves in the United States has the potential to push the country towards energy self-reliance. Since natural gas is becoming increasingly more accessible, the availability of it will increase. Fuel stations that provide natural gas for NGVs are already growing in number. As people realize how valuable such an abundant source of clean and efficient energy is, it will become even more available.

The idea of natural gas to fuel engines can be implemented with smaller motors as well. Recreational vehicles like ATVs, lawn mower engines and generators are even easier to convert to natural gas than automobiles.
Cities are also taking natural gas seriously, as many mass transit services are converting their buses. Natural gas is cleaner than petroleum-based gasoline. It also runs more efficiently and most of all, is a huge step towards energy independence.


James Hackett Re-Emerges In The Oil Industry

James Hackett served as the former chief executive officer of Anadarko Petroleum Corp. retiring after years of service, the visionary leader is now back to the oil industry as an executive leader in charge of operating an oil company. The alumnus of Harvard Divinity School has strong academic credentials according that have been instrumental in building his career.


It is projected that Silver Run Acquisition Corp was established a few months ago with Hackett taking control of the general operations. As an experienced manager, Hackett has stated that he will acquire an established oil explorer as well as a pipeline firm. In a statement that was released on Wednesday, he cited his interests to return to work and build the economy of the country through oil production.


In an interview, Hackett cited his interest to purchase the two companies was based on passion as well as commitment. The $3. 55 billion firms belonged to a friend from Harvard School. While referring to one of his firms that is approximately $ 25 per barrel in terms of profit, Hackett said that the company is growing. He also added that the fascinating bit about the business was having a state-of-the-art machine to handle production.

Alta Mesa Holdings

Presently, Alta Mesa Holdings is an asset explorer in Oklahoma. On the other hand, Kingfisher Midstream LLC prides itself on having a huge pipeline of approximately 300 miles to serve clients. Alta Mesa Resources Inc is the new company that has an exchange value of approximately $3.8 billion.


Aside from managing the new firm, Hackett stated his interests in facilitating classes in a week’s time. He will be joining Rice University as a lecturer in economic enterprise. With his commitment, Hackett is also scheduled to work at Texas University as a facilitator during spring. His works extend to being an author of integrating sacred as well as secular lives in work environment.

Personal Profile

James Hackett is fondly known as Jim. He has been an active partner and managing director at Riverstone Holdings LLC, which was founded by David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre. Following his extensive experience in business, he was appointed for an executive position as the chief executive officer. Presently, he works for Silver Run Acquisition and has been serving since 2013. Working closely with the investors and portfolio developers, Hackett has set a good example to prospective entrepreneurs. At Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, he was the chief executive officer until May 2013. He also worked as a president at Anadarko Petroleum Corp. Hackett is an experienced engineer. He has worked at Chevron USA.

Real estate manager sees changes in leadership

For many in the real estate industry, the name Kevin Donahue invokes the image of a strong work ethic, calm composure, and sharp decision-making skills. It may be interesting to learn that Kevin Donahue has left his role as C-III Asset Management President, as well as C-III Capital Partner senior managing director. This news is gleaned from Donahue’s professional emails, and the firm’s announcement of his decision confirms it. Barry Davis is C-III Asset Management’s new president and will be ready to take the company through new territory over the next few years. The firm is run under Chairman and CEO Andrew Farkas.
A Look Back At His Career
Donahue started with C-III back in the fall of 2010. His start came after the acquisition of the servicing business, Centerline. Since 2011, he was chief operating officer. He works with general counsel, Jenna Unell and senior managing director, Lindsey Wright to make up the C-III’s executive management team, providing an effective counsel for the decisions they’ll be making. Donahue who was head of the servicing division for C-III, made the personal choice to shift to more of an advisory role so he could have more family time. After a delayed response, Donahue’s email states that he plans on staying active with the industry, and will stay on in an advisory capacity.
The firm is appreciative of Donahue’s many contributions to C-III since he joined in 2010. Without his leadership, the company may have been left treading water during a period of significant change and growth. They have noted their excitement at leveraging his expertise to further grow the business and their industry, over the next several years. This information comes from Frank Garrison, C-III Capital Partners, president. He has noted the firm is lucky to work with someone of Barry’s caliber, who can seamlessly take up the role of president. They are confident with his experience in the industry, as well as his expertise in helping to grow and develop new business.
In the Early Years
Before coming to Centerline and C-III, Donahue was chief operating officer for a multi-family owned development company, and before that, he worked with a business affiliated with Allied Capital for commercial real estate loan origination. Before that, it was Bank One and their successor companies for 15 years, such as Orix Capital Markets.
C-III Asset Management is the primary service provider for $6 billion in commercial real estate loans for more than $40 billion.

Deals in Real Estate, Hedge Funds and More

Mergers and hedge-funds are in the news yet again. This time it’s two big players that are involved in the game. Many wonder what will become of the future for these parties, considering how many have ended up going to auction.

Pacific Alternative Asset Management, from Newport Beach, California and KKR Prisma, New York will be discussing combining $20 billion of assets that are discretionary with the other $14 billion, that is under new management during the second quarter of the year. The merger has a few details.

– KKR would retain 39.9% of the stake in the company.
– The new company would be owned by the employees.
– The co-founder and head of the hedge fund business will be named as the CEO.

The scale of the merger is of equal importance. The scale creates a means to make gains and share important resources of the two companies. Distribution costs of the networks can be consolidated in order for each company to profit more. Perhaps hedge funds and consolidation will become the wave of the future for many that are seeking a multi-level investment opportunity, but with hedge funds just getting started for these two, it’s something that only the future can show. Sometimes, even a difference of opinion and some varied way to really approach problems can benefit both companies. Then they can perform this type of merger and still retaining their original real differences. It’s a little like adding some flavor from the two different companies.

Leg Mason has agreed to all of this in order to benefit both parties. This Baltimore based company has made changes that will benefit real estate, exchange traded funds and hedge funds. Additionally, this merger will include a Permal Group subsidiary joining as well, under Permal Group and EnTrust Capital under Gregg Hymowitz. It is an exciting change for the two companies. They are both excited for the change.

These types of mergers can be extremely risky as well. All it takes is one part failing and the whole thing could fall apart. Then it is two companies taking the hit instead of just one. It’s rare, though. Typically, it is very positive improvement for both companies. Merging them, like a good marriage involves compromise and discussion, but in the end it works. What will happen in the future for the two are up to their joint decisions, but it will be better than they would have been separately.

New Markets Initiates Tax Credit Success Opportunities

Based on an economy of regular assets, Maine has dependably had a glad legacy as a provincial state. Maine is proceeding with their custom and advancing with building new enterprises from this base. This sort of development and improvement is just conceivable with a lot of capital, something that Maine was missing up until the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) was presented in 2001. Presently, the Maine NMTC is a fundamental piece of Maine’s capital stream and has been an essential figure their development as a state and their capacity to contend in the worldwide economy.

Not just has the NMTC helped Maine develop and thrive, yet it has likewise helped the residents of the state prevail with the formation of new employments and openings. A plant in Baileyville, Maine is a prime case. Working since 1905, the plant was in urgent need of a redesign and development and they could complete it on account of NMTC subsidizing. Subsequently, more than 300 existing occupations were spared and just about 100 new positions were made. The New Markets Tax Credit particularly helps groups where there is a high neediness and unemployment rate by driving private interests in a financially savvy way. The outcome is rejuvenation in the economy and the group.

In hard-hit zones, the New Markets Tax Credit is crucial to the continuation of development. The program gives the truly necessary financing to little to medium estimated organizations. More than 1,500 employments have been spared or made as an immediate consequence of the NMTC in Maine. The speculations have likewise in a roundabout way bolstered a huge number of extra employments in the area. The accomplishment of the program has pulled in financial specialists from new zones and their speculations have bolstered vital tasks inside Maine.

It’s important to consider the benefits of utilizing a something that can guarantee tax credit success. It’s unknown at what time the future models of a system like this will entail, however, we now know that new markets are emerging in Maine, and tax credit success is on the rise. This market should prepare for an interesting incline. Many who contribute to tax services give their best advice and say that people in the world don’t have enough knowledge for tax credit success and most of the time find themselves operating in a market that is not particularly fit for their business model or existing asset.

Top Washington DC Executive recruiters and Where to Find Them

When it comes to hiring new talent for your organization, getting the best employees is the ultimate goal for Nels Olson. This brings to life the importance of seeking help from executive recruiters. In Washington DC, a good number of executive recruiters are available for selection and hiring. This article takes a look at some of these recruiters, their location, and why you should engage in their services.

JDG Associates

For over 30 years in the industry, JDG has the best experience any potential employer should be looking out for when seeking the services of an executive hiring company. Though the company is based in Washington DC, it recruits for local and national companies, federal, professional societies, small and large associations, and state-owned companies.

Lucas Group

Founded as a small one-man business entity in the year 1970, Lucas Group has grown to be a force to reckon with when it comes to hiring executive employees for different companies in Washington DC. With over 15 recruiting agencies in the country and international affiliates spread across Europe and Canada, Lucas Group has earned a positive reputation for its unparalleled services and downright success. Lucas Group recruits for local and national companies, as well as state-owned and privately-owned companies.

McCormick Group Inc.

The McCormick Group was founded by Bill McCormick in the year 1974 with the sole purpose been to deliver executive search and recruitment services for Washington DC companies. Initially established as a Management Recruiters International of Arlington, the company eventually emerged as a separate company in the year 1981 to what is currently known as McCormick Group. This group of recruiting agency specializes in recruiting for both privately-owned and public owned companies. Since its inception, it has successfully placed over 8,000 new hires, generated over $140 million in fees revenues, and ranked as one of the top 25 executive search firms in the USA based on revenue growth.

Reaction Search International (RSI) Executive Search Firm

RSI works hand in hand with a network of highly-skilled executive recruiters situated both in Washington DC and nationally to headhunt the best employees for your company. With different branches located around the country, RSI guarantees you qualified and highly competent workers for your business. Regardless of whether your firm specializes in law, healthcare, aerospace, non-profit business, Tourism and Hospitality, and finance, RSI has got completely covered.

Why you should Hire Executive Recruiters

Though some companies may prefer to hire workers by themselves, there exists an advantage of using executive recruiters as compared to self-recruiting. The following are some points to consider.
Executive recruiters have a broad range of experience in the field.
It takes a short time to recruit the right candidates as compared to self-recruiting.
Executive recruiters have a global reach hence allowing you to get a wide range of employees.
Executive recruiters offer advice to your company hence tailoring the search depending on your preferences

Home Windows That Are Suited for Maryland Seasonality

Living in Maryland, changing seasons need to be considered when initially choosing, or replacing, home windows.

In summer, temperatures range from mid to high 80’s and there is increased humidity in the eastern and southern areas of Maryland. During winter, these areas are cool but the western counties have more snow and colder temperatures, averaging from low to mid 20’s. Maryland records an average of three tornados a year, usually between May and July. There is also the possibility of hurricanes.

Because of the variances in weather and temperature during the year, it is important to have windows installed that will best protect your home during storms, but also be most energy efficient during other times of the year. Thompson creek Windows reviews is a great site to check out what people are saying before a purchase.

There are many types of windows, but the insulated variety appear to offer the best overall function. These windows are created by using two, or sometimes three, panes of glass which are spaced apart, then hermetically sealed, leaving an insulating air space. This type of window affords a warmer home in winter and a cooler home during the summer. An added benefit is that insulated windows muffle outside noises keeping your home quiet.

Aside from using insulated windows, it’s important to utilize an energy-efficient frame to further save money on either heating or cooling. Vinyl, wood, composite or fiberglass frames are superior to wood inasmuch as wood can either expand or contract depending on weather conditions and therefore reduce energy efficiency. Of the other materials, fiberglass has cavities which can be filled with insulation making it the best choice to use with your insulated windows.

There are several window manufacturers in Maryland to choose from:
Thompson Creek Window Company is a family owned and operated business in Landover, Maryland, in business more than 30 years. Their products, made for Maryland’s climate, are custom manufactured with nothing being built until ordered.

The Burch Company, in Baltimore, has provided custom made storm windows since 1924. Their Burch Energy Miser Storm windows to fit over existing windows.

The Frederick Glass Shop is also family owned and operated out of Frederick, Maryland for over 50 years. They can make storm windows that allow for ventilation if used with a screen made for it.

Master Seal, Baltimore, has been in business since 1994. Along with vinyl replacement windows, they offer aluminum awnings that give additional protection and lower heating and cooling bills.

Collaboration Could Help Mexico Petroleum Industry

The oil industry may soon see two respective giants combining forces with one goal of creating energy investments. Oil tycoon Miguel Galuccio is launching an international company in cooperation with Riverstone Holdings Ltd. The much anticipated move could help halt the decline in oil-production in Mexico. Mexico has seen a decline for twelve straight years. It was ranked as the 7th largest oil producer in the world in 2006. This move could signify a turn in what has been a steady decrease in production.

Riverstone Holdings, Ltd. founded by David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre deals with five separate entities across the energy spectrum. The global company deals with assets exploration, coal, energy services, midstream and specific renewable sectors. Galuccio has a wealth of experience in the energy field. He has spent two and a half decades becoming an industry expert. He is internationally recognized as a petroleum expert. Galuccio boasts experience as the former Chief Executive Officer of YPF.

Galuccio and Riverstone Holdings, Ltd. would seek out new energy related investments in different markets. One of those key markets would be Mexico. Galuccio and Riverstone Holdings, Ltd. are reportedly meeting with larger investors who might be able to fund the projects. Based on the experience of these two industry giants, it seems likely they will acquire the funding they need.

Gallucio also has extensive experience at Schlumberger. His hard work there on several projects was recognized as innovative. The collaborative effort between the two could spell much need success for the petroleum industry in Mexico.

Galuccio has enjoyed success in many different oil related projects. His knowledge coupled with the backing of industry giant Riverstone Holdings, Ltd. will attract potential investors.

Mexico has enjoyed recent success with a deep-water oil auction. 8 of the 10 deep-water blocks up for auction went to companies like Total SA, CNOOC Ltd., Chevron Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp. The auction success story might have propelled this coordinated effort from Galuccio and Riverstone Holdings, Ltd further.

Top Commercial Real Estate Companies to Contact in the New York City Area

There are a number of excellent commercial real estate companies in New York City that are doing high quality work. In this $50 billion dollar annual market if you are looking to purchase a piece of premium commercial real estate you have to contact one of the city’s power players. They can put you in the loop and give you access to commercial real estate in some of the hottest arears. But first you have to know which Joe Sitt New York real estate companies are at the top of the commercial market food chain. The following are the companies to contact if you’re serious about getting a piece of the city’s best commercial real estate.

Extell Development Company

Founded in 1989, the Extell Development Company is among the most active developers when it comes to New York City commercial properties. They can find you the location you want and get the deal done.

Chetrit Group

With almost 40 years’ experience in New York commercial real estate, the Chetrit Group has been involved in numerous major deals. Their specialty is the outer boroughs.

HFZ Capital Group

Although they have only been involved in New York commercial real estate since 2005, the HFZ Capital Group has a great track record for restoring historical properties in the United States and worldwide and making money through developing them commercially.

Macklowe Properties

This company was created to buy and build economically priced, environment friendly commercial properties with superior architecture and mechanics and turn them into lucrative projects.

Colliers International

This company has an innovative approach to New York commercial real estate development. They also have a track record for developing quality commercial real estate in other parts of the world.

Commercial real estate in New York City is a booming business. The companies above are thriving in it. They can help you to find the ideal property to suit your needs. Their connections can make it possible to make inroads into lucrative communities where you can purchase and develop commercial properties to take advantage of growing markets. It’s not unusual to see celebrities like Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa or Jimmy Fallon eating at the restaurants, sipping coffee at local cafes or strolling through nearby parks. It’s one of the perks of doing business in New York City.

It’s a real estate market that turned Donald Trump into a billionaire and led him to the White House.

IGY Marinas Opens New Marina In Miami, Florida

On January 4th of 2017, IGY Marinas announced that it has opened its first marina in the city of Miami, Florida. This new marina is called One Island Park and it is found on the Beach Terminal Island of the city of Miami. The One Island Park Marina is the first marina of the company that is located in South Florida and it represents a big milestone for the company’s continued expansion. One Island Park is already fully open, functional and is ready to welcome new ships to its docks.

Under the leadership of founder Andrew Farkas, IGY Marinas says that Miami is one of the premier destinations for luxury yachts and excursions in the world. Having a new marina in South Florida is a major milestone for the company’s growth strategy for Florida added CEO Tom Mukamal. The new marina will allow IGY Marinas to show what the company can offer to superyachts and even larger mega ships at its new One Island Park marine facility he continued. Mr. Mukmal also said that he is very excited about the opening of the new marina and looks forward to what the year has in store for his company with this latest new acquisition.

The One Island Park marina has one of the largest megayacht docks in the USA. It can easily accommodate ships that are more than 730 feet in length. Its location in Miami, allows the company to attract some of the biggest and most luxurious private yachts out there. This new marina also continues the company’s goal of growing its network to continue to try and accommodate large vessels at its locations. Presently, five of the 15 IGY Marinas facilities can accommodate ships that are more than 300 feet in length. This makes the company the leading provider of launching off and docking points for superyachts in the western hemisphere.

The new general manager of the One Island Park will be Gili Wojnowich. Mr. Wojnowich is a former employee of IGY Marinas who worked for the company’s corporate operations division. Mr. Wojnowich is a certified marine manager and has previously managed marina facilities for IGY Marinas. The places he has managed include the Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina and the Newport Yacht Club & Marina. IGY Marinas is confident that Gili Wojnowoich will help develop the One Island Park into a leading megayacht destination that visitors from all over the world will flock to.