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Managers investing in hedge funds

Hedge Fund Investments have been one of the fastest ways for enterprising financial analysts to make a lot of money for their clients and themselves. Consider men like - George Soros, Jim Rogers and Gregg Hymowitz (Hedge Fund Group) - all hedge fund managers.

Urban Green

For those who enjoy city life and are environmentally conscious, here are a few great places to live: Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland’s capital is the clear winner, in the “Who is Greenest,” game.  Iceland has made enormous efforts to end its reliance on fossil fuels, and has even put Hydrogen powered busses on the roads.  Reykjavik plans to be ...

A Traveler’s Paradise

Hungry from all of your activities and ready to try something new? Make a reservation at Abacus or Ortanique. Possibly the best restaurant in Grand Cayman, Abacus offers contemporary Caribbean inspired cuisine.