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Riverstone Holdings In the News

Riverstone Holdings is a private investment firm specializing in energy and power. The company was founded in 2000 by David M. Leuschen and Pierre F. Lapeyre, Jr. David Leuschen also serves as the Senior Managing Director of Riverstone. Leuschen is also the founder of Switchback Ranch LLC and the

A Business Idea = Great Potential; But What About Development

However, any "dreamer wannabe" should be aware that these venture capital groups, like Advantage Capital Partners for example, have the experience and background in many fields of endeavor (probably your idea as well) and know the ins and outs of handling business opportunities (see Advantage Capital Partners from

New York Firm Prospers

Riverstone has created a reputation for themselves by focusing on leveraged buyouts and growth capital equity investments. Riverstone Holdings is a very well respected company that has been continuing to grow in investments and reputation worldwide. The founders Pierre F. Lapeyre, ...

Business Investments in Energy and Power

Imagining a future where rays from the sun or waves of the water can be turned into expansive energy resources able to produce energy and power for the entire world, Riverstone Holdings is one of the biggest forward thinking firms in terms of working with other major energy businesses to bring us a better future. Pierre Lapeyre and David ...