Monthly Archives: October 2015

Crowdfunding of U.S. real estate deals gains momentum

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A tipping point may be near for U.S. investors seeking to benefit from crowdfunding in real estate, an industry that is a clear winner in the early stages of raising capital for small businesses over the Internet. The amount of money raised, size of deals and the speed at which they occur – at times in a ...

Morgan Stanley Makes a Comeback in Real Estate

At Morgan Stanley, real estate is back. Amid an otherwise dismal third quarter, the New York investment firm enjoyed a bit of good news from a unit whose staggering losses during the property bust were viewed as an emblem of the era’s excesses. Morgan Stanley wrapped up fundraising over the summer for its first higher-risk real-estate fund ...

Polystyrene is the Future

There have been very weak efforts in the past when it comes to recycling the material, and have instead focused on foam bans, like a potential Kentucky foam ban.