Home Windows That Are Suited for Maryland Seasonality

Home Windows That Are Suited for Maryland Seasonality

May 30, 2017
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Home Windows That Are Suited for Maryland Seasonality

Living in Maryland, changing seasons need to be considered when initially choosing, or replacing, home windows.

In summer, temperatures range from mid to high 80’s and there is increased humidity in the eastern and southern areas of Maryland. During winter, these areas are cool but the western counties have more snow and colder temperatures, averaging from low to mid 20’s. Maryland records an average of three tornados a year, usually between May and July. There is also the possibility of hurricanes.

Because of the variances in weather and temperature during the year, it is important to have windows installed that will best protect your home during storms, but also be most energy efficient during other times of the year. Thompson creek Windows reviews is a great site to check out what people are saying before a purchase.

There are many types of windows, but the insulated variety appear to offer the best overall function. These windows are created by using two, or sometimes three, panes of glass which are spaced apart, then hermetically sealed, leaving an insulating air space. This type of window affords a warmer home in winter and a cooler home during the summer. An added benefit is that insulated windows muffle outside noises keeping your home quiet.

Aside from using insulated windows, it’s important to utilize an energy-efficient frame to further save money on either heating or cooling. Vinyl, wood, composite or fiberglass frames are superior to wood inasmuch as wood can either expand or contract depending on weather conditions and therefore reduce energy efficiency. Of the other materials, fiberglass has cavities which can be filled with insulation making it the best choice to use with your insulated windows.

There are several window manufacturers in Maryland to choose from:
Thompson Creek Window Company is a family owned and operated business in Landover, Maryland, in business more than 30 years. Their products, made for Maryland’s climate, are custom manufactured with nothing being built until ordered.

The Burch Company, in Baltimore, has provided custom made storm windows since 1924. Their Burch Energy Miser Storm windows to fit over existing windows.

The Frederick Glass Shop is also family owned and operated out of Frederick, Maryland for over 50 years. They can make storm windows that allow for ventilation if used with a screen made for it.

Master Seal, Baltimore, has been in business since 1994. Along with vinyl replacement windows, they offer aluminum awnings that give additional protection and lower heating and cooling bills.