The New Yorkers For Children Annual Gala Spread

The New Yorkers For Children Annual Gala Spread

February 3, 2017
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The New Yorkers For Children Annual Gala Spread

Trey Songz, Alexia and David Leuschen and Dan Rothmann are only a few of the people who were at the New Yorkers for Children Annual Gala, and they were there to ensure the children of New York were represented as they attempted to raise money. The money that was raised at the gala reached over $1 million, and the money will be used to support children who are in the welfare system of the city. This article explains how the gala is the perfect place for celebrities to help kids.

#1: What Is New Yorkers For Children All About?

New Yorkers for Children is a large charity that completed projects for the children of the city. Any child who is in the welfare system today will receive services from New Yorkers for Children, and the charity wishes to fill gaps that the system cannot manage. There are tens of thousands of children who are in need, and they will be offered more than the system may allow.

#2: The Gala

The Gala was held on 42nd to ensure the guests would have a beautiful time among the vaulted ceilings and the large banquet area. The charity wanted to offer entertainment that was perfect for everyone, and they had a red carpet that was perfect for all the celebrities who arrived. Dan Rothmann and Trey Songz strode across the red carpet like everyone else, and they counted themselves as part of the efforts of the charity. They showed that they are ready to give as much as possible, and they were among the many who wrote checks that night.

#3: Why Is New Yorkers For Children Important?

There are many artists and entertainers who live in New York, and they all must have a way to give back to the city. They are giving back to the kids of the city, and they wish to show kids that they have made a commitment to their well-being. Kids are receiving more services from New Yorkers for Children, and the charity is growing every year as the gala grows.

The New Yorkers for Children Gala is just one way for the charity to raise money. They earned over $1 million on their gala, and the gala is creating more buzz for a charity that is important to the smallest children in the city. They are finding a new way to reach every child who needs their support services.