Visiting the Cayman Islands Today

Visiting the Cayman Islands Today

February 10, 2017
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Visiting the Cayman Islands Today

There are so many beautiful hotels and locations in the Cayman Islands. This is one of the most popular destinations for many people, including A-list celebrities. Along with the beautiful locations, come amazing activities and entertainment for those willing to seek it out.

The Sights and Entertainment

Stingray City
A gorgeous location full of stingrays. You will be able to snorkel and dive in shallow water and take in the beauty of everything around you. You can swim with, feed, and pet the stingray.

Atlantis Submarines
Take a trip in a submarine underwater to find exciting experiences such as seeing shipwrecks, watching sea creatures swim around in their natural environment, and so much more! Visitors are always in awe when they get to experience this trip first-hand.

Q.E. II Botanic Park
For those that are interested in wonderfully beautiful flora and fauna, this is the perfect place for you. It is even great for those that have interest in reptiles, as the endangered blue iguana lives there along with other types of iguanas, snakes, lizards, and turtles.

East End
For those that enjoy a slower pace, the East End is the perfect location. Enjoy island food and a peaceful day snorkeling or diving. Find yourself on one of their many secluded beaches. Romance can be had, or a nice decompression from everyday life.

Locations for History Buffs
For those that enjoy learning the history of the Cayman’s, there are many locations to enjoy. Pedro St. James National Historic site is one place that may not be full of people, but it is full of information! The Mission House is also an interesting place to experience. There are unique perspectives provided regarding the history of the island and its people.

Interested in checking out museums? There are quite a few! Pure Art in George Town is the home of a famously talented artist named Debbie Van Der Bol. It both offers the visuals of gorgeous art from all over the islands, as well as unique gifts available for purchase. The Cayman Islands National Museum stands out as a truly informative and fun experience for those that enjoy history. There are special exhibits for children, as well as the adults.

Famous people frequent all parts of the Cayman’s. Many even have homes there such as the Dixie Chicks. Visitors have seen Orlando Bloom, Bill Paxton, Taylor Swift, and Tom Cruise.